What I Offer

I offer private coaching for both students and professional actors looking to sharpen their craft and find clarity and direction in their performance. I have a strong sense of rhythm, style and language, and can guide you through what may feel like thorny text work and facilitate delightful discoveries. 

I offer help with:

General Audition Preparation: for both TV/film and theater appointments.

I facilitate angst-free exploration and I work to kick-start your unique impulses and allow you to run with them. I am all about your confidence, your voice, your freedom, your invention, your ease, your sense of play... The more you explore, the freer you are, the safer you feel, the less you try to please, the more fascinating you are in the room. I can help to change your attitude about auditions in general, and help you to take ownership of your own work and talent, and free you from fear.

Shakespeare, Classical work, and modern language-dense texts: Intimidated by Shakespeare, Wilde, Shaw, Stoppard?

I can help you shape the text, tell the story, revel in the wit, embrace the muscularity of each style. I have worked with and learned from Sir Peter Hall, Tom Stoppard, and Andrew Wade, text and voice coach for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

With Shakespeare, I can help you focus on:

Using the verse/prose: Finding scansion, playing with rhythm, driving through the line, understanding and utilizing the power of the existing structure (and then messing with it!)

Exploring rhetorical devices – metaphor, antithesis, alliteration, etc – and finding color and texture through the myriad clues that Shakespeare leaves for us.

Having an immense amount of fun!

Dialect Assistance: US Dialect, Received Pronunciation and other British dialects.

I have worked with dialect experts Liz Smith, Deborah Hecht, and Gillian Lane-Plescia. I can help you find authenticity and flow, and ensure that you’re not unnecessarily tense about your dialect work.

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