"I had an audition for the Importance of Being Earnest on Broadway and immediately knew I needed to work with somebody on that challenging text: the first person I called was Bianca Amato. I had worked with her as an actor before but never as a coach but something told me she would be perfect for this kind of material. For starters, she was an extremely adept actor herself with a range of impressive professional credits in classical as well as contemporary plays so I knew she knew her stuff; but also, from what I had noticed as a fellow actor, she was remarkably attuned to the actors individual process and I knew that would transfer over to her coaching as well. I was not mistaken. She not only fine tuned my dialect but she also helped bring the scene to life in a new and exciting way. After an hour long session, I left confident in the fact that I would walk into my audition knowing I was doing the best work I could do."

Lucas Near-Verbrugghe, "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson"


"Working with Bianca is always an incredible pleasure and leaves me feeling like I have a distinct advantage. I have worked with her a number of times on auditions, scenes and monologues. Not only does she create a warm and inviting environment that fosters creativity and artistry, but her understanding of language, style, Shakespeare and craft are unsurpassed. She challenges me to go to places I wouldn't normally go emotionally, she helps me tune into a style without losing my identity as an actor, and she empowers me to take myself from a good audition to a highly sophisticated one. I have gotten work from multiple auditions in which she has coached me, and I always leave feeling inspired and confident about my work."

Beth Wittig, "This"


"A smart actor and a natural teacher, Bianca is exceptionally skilled at conveying her ideas and creating a comfortable space to explore in a way that has helped me learn how to develop characters, analyze texts and find confidence."

Alyssa May Gold, "Lemon Sky"


Bianca was recommended by a respected college professor of mine when I was preparing for graduate school auditions. When I began working with Bianca, I had next to no experience with classical text. Bianca taught me how to navigate the text with confidence and skill. Her love of working with text is strongly evident, and she joyfully took on the challenge I presented. Now, I not only feel prepared to approach any classical work, I am excited and eager to do so! She is also wonderful with contemporary work, helping me to dig through emotionally challenging pieces in different ways to find a characters voice, and my voice and style within it.

When needing any sort of assistance in preparation for an audition or performance, Bianca is the first person that I will call. She is an incredible coach, with a critical eye and ear, yet always kind and supportive, knowing exactly what you need as an actor that day. She is truly invested in her students and it shows. When I contacted her with the good news of acceptance into a Masters program, her excitement was nearly that of my own! I could not recommend Bianca more highly as a coach and a friend to have in your corner while navigating this business

Katherine Hellman, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland


“First and foremost, Bianca is a lovely human being.  Beyond that, she is an incredible actor.  And finally, a very skilled coach.  I have worked with her on monologues and scenes, ranging form Shakespeare to Arthur Miller, and regardless of the era or genre, she creates a very comfortable environment ripe for exploring.   She is marvelous with language, and has helped me use the text to clarify my thoughts and intentions.  She also respects each actor’s instrument and choices and always builds on what is already there rather than stripping away.   Because of this, you will leave a coaching session feeling prepared, confident, and excited to share your work with the world.  One of my dream roles is Chris from All My Sons, and I worked with Bianca for the callback.  I left the session with the character in my bones and as a result, I booked the part.   When I told her the good news, it was clear she was as invested in the audition as I was.  You won’t find a better coach.”

Josh Clayton, All My Sons