"Bianca Amato has a voice to rave about. Her narration is pure joy to hear"

Audiofile Magazine, The Lady of The Rivers

"Narrator Bianca Amato delivers another flawless performance" 

Audiofile Magazine, The Last Tudor

"In addition to having one of the loveliest voices around, Amato's ability to transform words into people is extraordinary."

Audiofile Magazine, The White Princess. 


 "There could not be a better choice as narrator than Bianca Amato—her voice is pitch-perfect, her delivery stellar, and her pacing excellent."

Audiofile Magazine, Dracula In Love. 

"Amato’s portrayal of protagonist Margaret is vivid and compelling. She also creates captivating voices and personalities for their husbands and lovers, as well as their infamous brother, Henry. Gregory’s historical novels are sheer entertainment; the combination of Gregory and Amato is pure pleasure"

Publishers weekly, Three Sisters, Three Queens. 

"Narrator Bianca Amato is very good at what she does."

Audiofile Magazine, A Dangerous Beauty


"Thanks to Bianca Amato’s exceptional performance, this engaging piece of fluff takes on the necessary gravitas to keep listeners engaged"

Audiofile Magazine, The Counterfeit Heiress. 


"As in her reading of The White Queen, Amato refrains from dramatic extremes or flourishes in favor of a spare, serene, and engrossing narration. "

Publishers Weekly, The Red Queen

"Thanks to Bianca Amato’s artistry, the ill-fated stories of Margaret and the House of Tudor brim with life"

Audiofile Magazine, The King's Curse. 

"Bianca Amato creates a powerful and compellingly believable Elizabeth Woodville, the commoner who married King Edward IV whose reign is most known for the disappearance of her two sons from the Tower of London. Amato captures Elizabeth's growing strength of purpose as she learns to play the game of court life and delivers a heartfelt portrayal of Elizabeth's fierce passion for her family's advancement and protection."

Audiofile Magazine
The White Queen


"Bianca Amato's exceptional narration brings us fully into Rachel's inner life... Amato's reading is so smooth and soft-spoken... A stellar reading gives breadth and raw emotion to a solid story."

Audiofile Magazine
Listening for Lions


Bianca Amato is stunning as Margaret... Amato's respect for the power of story and the written word is heard in every utterance.

Audiofile Magazine,
The Thirteenth Tale


Bianca Amato narrates this long and complex book so well that not only is the listener enthralled by the plot, but also never bored by the evident historical detail. This novel is packed with historical characters, all of whom Amato handles specifically so that each character is individualized, a characteristic that is important in such a complicated plot of schemes and treachery. Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, as well as Hannah, emerge fully three-dimensional and unforgettable in their desires and foibles.

Audiofile Magazine
The Queen's Fool


Bianca Amato is Queen Anne of Cleves. Her controlled, steady voice reflects her stringent upbringing and the tension of facing a foreign court... There is a tone of mournfulness as she fears rejection, inquiry and death, and strength after she's sent from court and recognizes "the spark that is uniquely me"

Audiofile Magazine
The Boleyn Inheritance


Bianca Amato's calm elegant tone graciously carries listeners through one turbulent year in the life of 14-year-old Susanna Shakespeare... Amato renders an accurate portrayal of the range of emotions that accompany the secret life of a young girl coming of age.

Audiofile Magazine
Swan Town


Audie Award-winner Bianca Amato gives a brilliant performance: Julia and Valentina's voices are differentiated just enough to tell them apart; Elspeth is Oxbridge refinement, but her twin has Americanized her accent. Amato's greatest challenge is Martin, a brilliant crossword setter whose neuroses prevent him from leaving his flat. Amato gives him a wit and allure that let the listener become as entranced with him as Julia does. This well-paced and lustrous audio will mesmerize and delight.

Publishers Weekly
Her Fearful symmetry


Bianca Amato's reading bridges time and places, fluidly changing focus or seamlessly switching from British to American accents.

The Herald Sun
Her fearful Symmetry

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